It’s already been half way through?!

I honestly can’t believe it’sbeen half the program already, wow. Feels almost as if we just started a week ago. Where do I begin? I’ve met my goals while at the stay here at Adam’s. Before my first day here,  I made a personal goal of a few like Independent work ethics, Plant Identification, Olmsted history. The one I haven’t completed would be the project side. Bob has really taught me plant names that I wouldn’t forget. Not only does it feel like I’m his adopted son but also he’s made me plant dozen’s of Celosia, Marigolds, Dahlias, Zinnias etc. Unlike weeding, I never get tired of planting.

Honestly, I still have goals that I continue to create. My current goal will be my Independent project which is a little complicated but that’s what makes it interesting and fun. The whole point of my project is to implement a visual representations from around three separate generations. The fun part would be creating a colored image focusing on the Formal garden in its original form, transitioning into its mid period and finally reaching the present form. Currently that’s what my mid-term goals and achievements are! Feel free to ask me questions.


12 responses to “It’s already been half way through?!

  1. Humberto – I’m really excited to see your independent project take shape. Also glad to know that you are enjoying your time at ADAM!


  2. Hi Humberto. I really like your project. I did some research on the farm and the four generations for school in 2013. I think the front door of the Old House was a favorite place of the first generation. John and Abigail would sit there at the end of the day and watch for neighbors to pass by or visit. They grew berries in the garden so I imagine them eating berries and clotted-cream (like yogurt. Louisa Catherine of the second generation liked to look over the kitchen garden and yellow wood tree from her office on the second floor. She also loved to go fishing at Wollaston Beach! Abby Brooks Adams of the 3rd generation liked the other side of the house where the flag pole is. She had a porch and French doors opening on that side of the house when she lived there. Not that many of her neighbors had such a lovely lawn and shade trees with a wonderful new carriage house for the hired farm staff and servants and animals like she did.
    And for Brooks and his famous brother Henry Adams, they loved to walk through their mother’s flower garden (Abby Brooks) and if they were in a deep discussion, they just kept walking and walking until they resolved their differences. They used to walk far into the orchard meadow and fields. In those days their land extended way past Furnace Brook Parkway and the gas station.


  3. I’m jealous of all your flower planting time with Bob – lucky you! You’ll have to post some photos of the garden as you plant. Can’t wait to see your independent product, and don’t hesitate to post questions about it to the blog because many of us reading have done projects like that in the past and could help if you like! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of the garden!

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  4. Planting all those different types flowers was one of my favorite parts of my first internship there. Glad to see you like it as well !

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  5. Hi Humberto,
    Sounds like you’ve had a great experience so far! It’s great to hear that you’ve set towards summer goals and challenging yourself with an independent project. Your independent project sounds really landscape architecture-y – are you using Photoshop to create these 3 visualization? Looking forward to learning more about your work!
    Keep up the hard work!

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