Half Empty or Half Full?

It’s been a month since I’ve been a Branching Out Park-Based Intern (PBI)! Or should I say that I have a half empty glass of experience to fill up? So far, my half full glass of experience consists mostly of … watering; there’s also a bit of weeding garden beds, planting shrubs and plants,  deadheading flowers, pruning deadwood, clipping vines, raking, fertilizing and using compost, attending educational and informational workshops, and last but not least, blogging! My favorite bit is blogging but I also enjoy learning about national historic sites and parks, plant identification, weeding, pruning orchards (at Thompson Island) and bushes (at Kennedy’s birthplace),  visiting nurseries and the dump, climbing the Giant’s Ladder ropes course, and learning team-building games (not neccesarily in this order).

Some of the challenges are getting dirty from watering with hoses, not being able to keep up with the scientific names or know how to spell them out, and remembering the names of the other PBI and the field team. Some other cons are getting used to steel-toed boots and working in humid weather without the sun out.

I would like to explore using more tools, especially power tools! I also want to learn how to sharpen tools or how to lubricate pruners with a graphite pencil (which I read about in Humberto’s blog). I would like to improve my tree climbing skills and planting skills. I really want to plant more shrubs, such as lilacs, and more groundcovers and plants. I would love to improve my plant identification skills as well. Something I really want to develop as a skill is when to deadhead roses or when to keep the rose hips. I also want to learn about which types of fertilizers or composts to use as well. These are all skills that I can’t wait to work on and acquire!

 blog5aTeam-Building Games (Spells TREE) 


Getting ready to climb a tree


Pruning Grape Vines


Rose in Bloom


A Rose that Bloomed Today

5 responses to “Half Empty or Half Full?

  1. If you learn how to lubricate the pruners, would you post a blog about it so I can learn, too?? Thanks for posting all the photos of you working, playing, and of the plants you’re caring for. Wish I could join you for a day!

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  2. Nancy – Glad to hear you are enjoying your very busy Branching Out experience. I agree, the work boots are tough in the summer! Look forward to spending next week with you at Sagamore Hill NHS.

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  3. Wow, you have been busy! It is so exciting to hear about all of the things that you still want to learn about or try out! I hope you get to experience a lot of the things on your list…keep us updated!

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