Working with the Field team

It’s been week 4 and for the field team, it would be their second. Starting out at Adam’s must have been a great start for the group since it was their first actual project at a park. We immediately and comfortable worked well with one another and completed a broad amount of tasks. We designed a Formal Garden from our imaginations which for me was a personal favorite. They learned the tools and basics from Bob on how each and one of them has not just one purpose. The task we later had to cut the Hedges to ankle height. I was very pleased to see that field team were very cautious and careful about the poison ivy we encountered. Onto the next day we divided our groups into two for a Rose pruning and Orchard mowing based experience. We cleared the whole feild and roses and it looked wonderful. We even encountered and protected a birds nest. Seeing how everyone has the synergy and cooperation to complete the task made me realise that this year has an excellent team. I’m proud to have worked with people that were very positive throught the whole project.



Hedge project


Hard at work

Hard at work

4 responses to “Working with the Field team

  1. Very well said, Humberto. The team this year is amazing. Look forward to having everyone togther next week at Sagamore Hill NHS.


  2. Glad to hear how much you enjoyed working with the field team! I agree, you all did a great job yesterday! Thanks for showing the field team the ropes around Adams and for being a great host!


  3. It sounds like you have a great team this year and are learning a variety of skills. Watch out for that poison ivy!


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