Tools of the Trade

Hi! I want to share a new tool that I learned to use when I was at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site. Let me describe it for you to guess. It is a tool that looks like a pogo stick because of its shape; it is a stick with two handles. It is also like a screw because it has threads that help it screw in. The final hint is that it is for weeding! It is… a SPEEDY WEEDY. It is a weeding tool and it is very useful because you don’t have to kneel over to weed so you don’t need to have gloves! I used the speedy weedy to take out plantains and dandelions. First you push the speedy weedy in the middle of the weed. Then you twist the handles to screw the speedy weedy into the soil. You pull it out of the ground and then push the button at the top to release the weed. Here is a plantain that I took out with the speedy weedy. DSC00319[1]


Another tool that I used to take out weeds is a scuffle hoe. The shape of it looks like a stick attached to an object that is a semicircle that has its two points of the diameter meeting. We used it on the stone dust paths at Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters. You just push it back and forth to remove the weeds. Once the weeds are out, you can rake them up. Of the two, I like the speedy weedy because they are better for the bigger weeds since they pull out the roots too. But a scuffle hoe is also a great tool for weeding. I hope you liked my descriptions.

5 responses to “Tools of the Trade

  1. I need to get a speedy weedy! Too many plantain weeds in my yard at home. Thanks for the thorough description!


  2. Great descriptions, Nancy! I think I need a Speedy Weedy. Thanks for including pictures so we can see the type of weeds you’re removing.

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