Robert Mackenzie

The Bobmeister

Meet my mentor Robert Mackenzie aka Bob. When I walked into Adam’s on the Intern Feild trip I soon met Bob. At first he appeared a bit intimidating and I soon figured out that it wasn’t near true. Bob is a Vietnam veteran that has spent over 20+ years and running at Adam’s National Historic Park as a Gardener. Not only is he a great mentor, his sense of humor, wealth of knowledge, patience, and trust towards us, makes the summer a whole bunch better. He’s taught me the names for Red Celocia, Blue Salvia, Marigolds or how to lubricate pruners with a graphite pencil and how to fill a pond with water using a pump. For a person that hasn’t met him will never know how much of a Fascintating  guy he is.


                                                                                    Bruce B.

The Bruceinator

I am going to be honest, I can’t remember Bruce’s full name but I know it ends with a B. This is Bruce, one of the coolest people I have ever met if not, then my top 5. He’s a very intelligent man who’s given me tips and advice that made my life easier. When I first conversated with Bruce, he was first training me to climb a tree behind the Beale house. I infact had little experience on how to climb a tree properly and safely. He explained the basics and what would easily benifit me. When I stopped half way he encouraged me to go further to the point where I couldn’t, infact we ran out of time. He also taught me to Prune trees and orchards or anything in that criteria. I also thank him for being patient with me. If you haven’t met Bruce B, you absolutely need to get a tour of Adam’s with him.

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  1. Love that picture of you and Bob! Glad you are taking advantage of the opportunity of working alongside such knowledgeable and skilled people.


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