New skills and training

For every brand new day is a brand new experience. This is my second week  of the intership and it’s been. We’ve had very cool projects. We climbed trees at Adam’s on Monday, gained calluses and a sore body for a few days to going into Thompson Island Tuesday and learning how to efficiently prune trees and decide our own cuts. What I’ve retained from the two days was that trees are tricky and if you step back and analyze what you’re working with, you just might realize a whole different side to it. What stood out for me this week is the way our mentors passionately emitted the wealth of knowledge that they have worked for over the years. The experience and methods they’ve learned to perfect are only mastered by the years they have spent by hard work. I’m very thankful for Bruce, Jaime, Dan, and everyone else for showing us how easy it can be climbing a tree or pruning it and managing our weights. I’m looking  forword for more training and educational trips like this.

(p.s. Everyone wants me to write about them in my blog at Adams. )

6 responses to “New skills and training

  1. Hey, Humberto, it sounds like you are having a good time while still getting a good bit of work done. I think Steven McCarthy would be a good person to blog about. It you work with him you will learn about keeping fit and staying limber for outdoor work. He worked with me last year.

    If you prune the spent flowers with Steven, be sure the flower head are not new flower buds but rather seed heads …. oh, that’s another story.

    I will see you next week in my park.
    Mona McKindley
    Gardener, Longfellow House -Washington Headquarters


      • You are right, I forgot the park based intern does not work with the group. I will visit one day to meet you.
        Have a good day!


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