New Skill

New skill

The new skill that I learned this week is how to successfully climb a tree with a harness and rope. Where I learned how to climb tree was at Adams National Historical Park. There was a tree climbing work shop held by Dan McCarthy and his trusty sidekicks Jamie and Bruce. I also was reminded how to prune trees correctly. This week was fun because I was able to work out on one of the Boston Harbor Islands called Thompson Island. While I was on Thompson Island I pruned the orchards. Pruning is when one cuts of certain branches to allow the tree to breath and grow better. Some examples of tree branches that need to be pruned are; a tree branch that is on top of another one, a tree branch that is crossing another branch or a tree branch that is infected or rotted. When one is pruning it is good to think about the tree having good air flow. For instance giving a tree more air flow would be good because it makes the tree have more breathing room. The other pruning technique that I was reminded about was the three different cuts when pruning with a saw. The first cut that you want to make with a saw while pruning a tree is the upper cut, the second cut is the undercut the last cut that you make is the final cut. Some tools that usually someone prunes with are a hand or pull saw and last but not least some one may use loppers or pruners. Someone will use a hand saw if the branch is too big to cut with pruners or loppers. It is important to remember when cutting a Branch not to cut the collar of the branch because it will harm the tree. The collar is located directly in-between the branch and the trunk.





4 responses to “New Skill

  1. Hey, look at you n the photo above; tied in and climbing…you look like a professional arborist! Great photo and article about the experience. Thanks for sharing it Zach.


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