2014 Field Team

The Branching Out program is back for the summer! Meet this year’s field team members:


My name is Stephen Pichardo and I will be a freshman at UMASS Boston this fall. I love to play sports and am often always doing something active. I play a lot of basketball and football, but at the end of the day after all the sports I’m always hanging out with friends or playing video games. My favorite subject in school always changes but it tends to be a science based subject. I have no career goals yet, but I hope to explore my options in college and graduate with a major in a subject I love. I am excited to help and learn about new parks and to build upon the skills I have already gained over the last two years with this program.


My name is Andreas Aluia. I am 17 years old and a senior at Minuteman Technical High School where I study horticulture/landscaping. My favorite subjects in school are history and photography. Photograhy is a favorite hobby of mine. I enjoy taking pictures all the time especially of the stars. I am new to the Branching Out program. I have experience in horticulture/landscaping from school and hope to pursue a job in that field of some day in the future. I’m most excited about learning about the parks this summer!


My name is Theresa Jean Francois and I am a new member of the field team with the Branching Out program. I am currently attending Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers and I will be entering my senior year this fall, 2014. My favorite subjects in school include language arts and world languages. I would like to major in social work because I am very much interested in how humans behave and interact socially. I plan to attend medical school after I obtain my undergraduate degree. I have participated in many landscape stewardship programs with my previous schools, and what I am most excited about is managing Boston’s National Parks and preserving the wildlife that’s within them. I look forward to an interesting summer!


Hi! My name is William Jacob Gallagher and everyone calls me Jack. I am a senior at Minuteman Technical High School located in Lexington, MA. I study horticulture and landscaping and work with multiple clubs at the school. I like playing chess, talking to people, and reading. I plan to become a park ranger and use my skills to better the park. This is my first year with the Branching Out program and will build on my experience working for Newton Cemetery. I can’t wait to see all the things we do and places we get to see this summer!


My name is Corina Herasme, I’m 16 years old and attend high school at Boston Community Leadership Academy located in Hyde Park, MA. My favorite subjects are math and biology because I like to solve problems and learn about living things. I’m very interested to learn more about history as well. Right now, I don’t have a specific goal in a career, I want to figure out soon what I really want to do. I’m a new participant to the Branching Out program and I can already tell I’m going to get a lot of knowledge and skills this summer.


Hello my name is Stephen Jagba and I am 17 years old and from Liberia. I go to school at Boston International High School. My favorite subject is history because I like to learn about the past. I like to play soccer because my favorite team is Spain. My career goal is to become a professional soccer player. I am also new to the Branching Out program and I am most excited about this summer is not only working outside, but meeting my teammates.


My name is Xiaoyan Liang and I am going to be a freshman at Suffolk University in the fall. My favorite subject is economics. In my free time, I like to take pictures of nature/landscapes and also listen to music, especially country music. I want to be a marketing specialist for an environmental company. This is my first time working Branching Out and I am very excited to meet new friends and work together to maintain parks. During the school year, I worked at the Emerald Necklace Conservancy as a youth leader, where we maintained the landscape area with the Olmsted Parks.


My name is Ashley Marin and I attend South High School in Worcester, MA. My favorite subjects are math, history, and english. I’m really interested in ecology because I am a very curious person, so when I learn about how the environment sustains itself, it really satisfies my curiosity. I like to read fiction novels, especially fantasy like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and The Percy Jackson series. I also like to knit and write poems or cookie cutter cheesy songs. When I am of age, I want to pursue a career that revolves around biology. I plan to attend a four year college and will major in just that. This is my first year with the Branching Out program and have completed similar programs at The Holy Cross College in Worcester. I’m excited about making new friends and learning about the history of the National Parks this summer!


My name is Diego Rojas and I attend Madison Park High School. My favorite subjects are math and history. My career interests are to either become a baseball player or a carpenter union company owner. My hobbies are sports such as basketball and baseball. I am new to the Branching Out program and this is my first time working. In the Dominican Republic I helped my Dad with his farm to maintain the crops and animals. I’m most excited this summer to be learning a lot and making new friends.

Photos from orientation week:

DSC_0016 DSC_0024 DSC_0027 DSC_0033 DSC_0046

Stay tuned for more updates following our projects throughout the summer!

4 responses to “2014 Field Team

  1. What a great group so far! I have been very impressed with how engaged the team is already! Look forward to the work they will accomplish this summer.


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