Who else but Bob?… and Adams staff

This blog is focused on my park mentor Bob Mackenzie. He is the person to go to if you want to know more about the formal gardens at the Adams house and about many of the trees and plants that are located at my park. He is one of the nicest and most inspirational people I know here and continues to make people smile during a rough day. Bob started working at this park 25 years ago when they needed someone to look after the gardens on days that no one else wanted to do. He then became a full time employee at the park when they recognized this performance in horticulture.


Another person I would like to talk about is Steven McCarthy. He is a seasonal employee who works at the park with all of us and does some of the most professional work I have ever seen. Once upon a time… Steven started off as a branching out intern on the field team and later on did some landscape maintenance with his dad who works for the park service. He has a lot of knowledge in this type of work because of his father. This year he applied to this job because it fits his interests in his future. He currently goes to Bridgewater State where he majors in fitness with a minor in recreation. I enjoy working with him and is a funny person to be around. I believe that the other employees here including myself can learn a thing from him.


5 responses to “Who else but Bob?… and Adams staff

  1. Liam, thank you for your thoughtful recognition of Bob. Throughout his career he has contributed so much of his talent and expertise to preserve the important historic landscape at Adams National Historical Park and advancing the profession of cultural resource stewardship. He is a tremendous asset to the National Park Service…what a great opportunity for you to have him as your mentor!


  2. Hi Liam. I had a chance to work with Bob too, in the 1990’s. I think it was 1996 or 1997. I don’t remember the exact year but I do remember the aching back from bending over to weed the long bed of the 1880’s formal garden. Besides learning orchard management and growing flowers from seed, I learned much more about equipment maintenance from working with Bob. Did he ever tell you the story of when his old mower back fired and caught fire? I think the orchard grasses were too tall that year.
    From Mona, the gardener at Olmsted and Longfellow.


  3. Great post Liam! You are lucky to work with such talented people and I agree, Bob is a fabulous mentor and I am sure you will learn a lot from him! Likewise, I’m glad Steven will be helping you all out this summer too!


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