Welcomed into the team

My mentor is Scott Hyndman; his position is director of horticulture at Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (NHS), Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters NHS, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy NHS. He has been with the National Park Service (NPS) for one and a half years. From the little bit of time that I have spent at the sites, a few four days, I saw some topics emphasized that made me think Scott is similar to many of the other people I have met in these two weeks. For example, one similarity that Scott had with Bruce and Dan, whom I met at tree climbing and pruning projects on Thompson Island, is that they are all experienced, determined, and assertive regarding safety. One thing that Scott shared with me was very outstanding in my days at Branching Out. It was a memorable story about helping his son come upon his career, which makes me think he is a great mentor. I felt his main advice was that it was okay to not know what I wanted in my future, but it could be helpful to. This made me feel so welcomed into my new internship because it was why I originally joined Branching Out.

I also felt very welcomed when I work with Ezra because he is very detailed in his explanations and also communicative. He has been working at Olmsted, Longfellow and Kennedy landscape preservation team for about two years. He used to volunteer for tree maintenance projects with Olmsted Center and then interned there, working with national park response plants for the Asian long-horned beetle. His great hobby is hiking. 🙂

Mona, who also likes hiking, is the preservation gardener at the three sites and has been working for the NPS for 28 years. She worked as a ranger for eight years before changing over to maintenance work. Her first job as a gardener was at the Washington D.C. National Capital Region. In the Boston area, she has also worked at Adams NHP (which is a partner site that I visited). I’m glad she’s at my sites because I love it when she introduces me as co-worker; I feel so welcomed into the team!


Adams National Historic Park

3 responses to “Welcomed into the team

  1. Nancy, you will be an outstanding addition to the landscape stewardship team at Olmsted, Longfellow and Kennedy National Historic Sites. What a terrific group of historic properties and people to work with while you further explore your interests in horticulture, plant identification and landscape management!

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  2. So glad you like working with Scott, Ezra and Mona, Nancy. Hope you have a wonderful summer, you’re working with great people.

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  3. Sounds like a great place to work! Glad you feel so welcomed already! I agree with Scott too, it’s ok right now to not know what you want to do…hopefully Branching Out will expose you to some careers that you are interested in!

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