Smelling and staring at everything green.

Most of you won’t know my name, nor be able pronounce it and I don’t expect you to since I can’t either. In case you’re still wondering it’s Humberto ( Hum-bear-toe I think.) I’m a graduate from Brighton High school of ’14 and one of the last members of the last student/intern of Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy workforce ( A great non-profit program located around South Station). Aside from attending The National Park Service, I seek a career as a Landscape Architect and even more. I hope that working for NPS, I get connected with as many connections and mentors that I can. If you want to know a random fact it’s that I struggle to be serious in group photos. oh! I almost forgot! I’m located at Adams National Historical Park this year, and as of Thursday being my first day. I am absolutely loving it. Prepare to laugh at my future blogs. My sense of humor will getcha’. B-)Image


6 responses to “Smelling and staring at everything green.

  1. Humberto, great to have you as part of the Branching Out team this year! Looking forward to your sense of humor and hearing about your Branching Out experiences. We’ll do our best to provide you with an opportunity to explore your varied interests in landscape related professions this summer. Welcome!


  2. I hope that Branching Out will be another “family” that you will also praise as much as you do the Rose Kennedy Green way Conservancy. Hope to see many great pictures of you and Liam at Adams.


  3. Humberto – Welcome to Branching Out! So glad you are joining us this year. I hope the experience provides you with the foundation you need to pursue your career goals, whether is be in landscape architecture or another landscape-based profession.


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