Coming Back to the Great Outdoors

  Hi all, I am named Nancy Huang! I am a 19 year old student at Boston Latin School. My favorite subjects changes from Physics to Spanish to Latin in a minute. However, I can say that English has been my least favorite subject for a while now. My interests are to bike and play badminton. I enjoy Chinese folk dance and Chinese dragon dance (which is an martial arts form). I also love to swim outdoors, whether that be in a pool or a beach. I live near the beach and I love to hang out there as well. I also like to hang out in the Boston Commons.

    I also really enjoy the East  Boston Greenway and Belle Isle Marsh, where I maintained the landscape as a part of my summer with Boston Natural Areas Network’s Youth Conservation Corps. I was with them in 2011 so I feel like I am coming back to the field and getting back to enjoying working outdoors with Branching Out. This is my first year and I am really excited to ground my inspirers’ jobs of landscape architecture and horticulture. I think it’s been awhile since I have been near these inspirations so I hope to rekindle and light new passions in the field. I am really excited to learn how to climb trees, host the field team, and learn from new inspirers.

    I hope to find a passion in the field and pursue it rather than switching to new fields because I want the outdoors aspect in my career. I think that this will be the branching out of the foundation that I had from being inspired in ‘11.

6 responses to “Coming Back to the Great Outdoors

  1. Welcome, Nancy! I am excited to follow your work on the blog and hear about what you will be doing at Omlsted. I share your inspiration for learning and working outdoors, and I think that you will have a great time this summer!

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  2. Hey Nancy, we are glad to have you on our staff this year. You will learn more about the typical flowering shrubs for public garden areas, and you will learn about what plants were here in public spaces one hundred years ago. Some of them are still here in Cambridge, Brookline, Boston, Quincy, Concord, and elsewhere in the greater Boston area.
    from Mona of Olmsted, Longfellow, and Kennedy


    • Hi Mona, I am so excited because of the way you stated that because it makes me realize that it is very historic! I am glad to be at the Olmsted, Longfellow, and Kennedy with you and the team.


      • Nancy,
        Glad to have you as part of the park-based intern team this summer! We have an exciting summer ahead of us. I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you find your passion! Mona and Scott are very knowledgeable and great resources for learning about career or educational opportunities.

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