Back Again At Minute Man

Hi My Name is Zachary Wolff; I am a sophomore at Lyndon State College in Vermont. I have worked for Branching Out for the past three years. The first year I worked for Branching out I was a field team member in 2012. The second year I worked for Branching out I was a Park-based Intern at Minute Man National Historical Park. This is my third year working for Branching out I am currently working as a Park-based intern at Minute Man National Historical Park. My Major is Mountain Recreation with a focus of Ski Resort Management. My favorite classes are with in my major because I am able to do hands on work. I love to Skateboard and Snowboard because I love the feeling of landing a trick or just cruising down a trail. My career goal is to work somewhere doing land scape preservation. I love to be outside and especially work out side. I am looking forward to learning more about land scape preservation this summer. I am also excited to learn about gardening and plant Identification this summer. I am also happy about going on the travel project with the field team. I am very happy to be working at Minute Man again this summer; I am looking forward to all the adventures that are to be had.

8 responses to “Back Again At Minute Man

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  2. Zach, great to have you back on the team this summer! Building on the work you were able to accomplish last year with Trent and the crew at Minuteman NHP, I am sure that the condition of the landscape at the park will continue to improve! Looking forward to hearing about your accomplishments.


  3. Zach,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your time at Minute Man NHP so far! I’m looking forward to working with you again and helping you develop your skills and experience in plant ID this summer.


  4. Look forward to hearing about your work at MIMA this summer! With all of your past experience hopefully you’ll get to work on some cool projects there!


  5. I think that your unique experience being on the field team is something that I would like to hear more about, especially if there is any difference between the two travel projects because of your position change.


  6. I can’t believe you are working with Trent again for a second year! You must love hard work and heat and a real task-master. Oh, just kidding, I know you will have a great summer and they just might give you more responsibility so you will have some great qualifications on your resume!

    I will try to visit this summer with some of our new seasonal summer youth gardener- apprentices.
    Mona from Longfelllow and Olmsted and Kennedy


    • How is the yellow wood tree this summer? Is this a good year for flowering. Take some photos and post them.
      from Mona at Longfellow, Olmsted, and Kennedy


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