Back to the beginning of my journey

My name is Liam Fitzgerald and I’m a park-based intern at Adams National Historical Park in Quincy, MA, I work for a non-profit organization called Branching Out. I currently attend Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA, and I’m majoring in Environmental Studies. I live in West Roxbury in the city of Boston working for Branching Out for a second year. The first year I worked for them, I was placed at the Adams house doing landscape stewardship work. In the past before I knew about this program, I used to be part of Boston Natural Areas Network, another non-profit organization that takes inner-city kids to do different types of stewardship ideas to improve the beauty of sites in Boston. What I’m most excited for this summer is to be back working for the National Park Service doing restoration work. Once I finish working for Branching Out, I will continue to go to school and gain a career in environmental studies and find a new career option in the park service. If things go well this summer, I hope to be close to my goal to be a full member of the National Park Service. I want people to recognize the work I have done in the two years I have worked for this program. I want them to come to many of the National Parks in Massachusetts and see what people in the Park Service see in changing to future of creating a new idea for landscape management and preservation. That’s enough of my biography, now it’s time for people to see the things I can do for my community.



4 responses to “Back to the beginning of my journey

  1. I am glad to have met someone like you that is determined to set foot in a career and have such detailed plans for the future! This is a first for me and it’s so inspiring. 😀


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