From My internship to the Classroom & Happy Holidays

Hi everyone, I know you guys haven’t heard from me in a while since branching outs busy summer has ended. However, I am still interning for LONG, JFK, and FRLA on Fridays while completing my first semester of college.

School is going very well I have definitely learned a lot in my biology class that related to my internship as well what I’ve learned in my core classes. My professors have really made it me realize a lot the connections between the class room and my internship. For example working with my mentor Mona this summer she taught me that plants do not need an over excessive amount of water. Now recently in class I learned what a plant cell looks like when it doesn’t have enough water. The plant cell shrivels up like the cell has dried out, and when there’s to much water inside of a plant cell the plant cell burst. Plant cells are supposed to have the right amount of water so that they look fully rounded like a cell should.

Since the semester is almost over, just 2 weeks left I thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been up to and what has going on over at my favorite site. This week is a very festive week at the Longfellow house. These last two days have been the winter open house. I never realized how the property looks so different in the summer time from how it looks now during the holidays. During the summer everything was in such full bloom, bright with vibrant colors. Now everything is bare and being wrapped in winter protection such as bubble wrap and burlap in order to prepare them for the icy winter winds to come.

The Longfellow house has many holiday decorations that defiantly put you in the Christmas spirit. During the open house I have had the chance to work with children in the Longfellow carriage house doing arts and crafts to decorate the tree or to take home. What was most exciting to me about the holidays at the Longfellow house are the lumineers that surround the Longfellow property. Real candles were actually lighting up the property. Well, thank you for reading my post. Hope you enjoyed it and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

everyones making christmas  trees

everyones making christmas trees

Longfellow Christmas Tree

Longfellow Christmas Tree

Arts & crafts table

Arts & crafts table

3 responses to “From My internship to the Classroom & Happy Holidays

  1. Always so good to hear what you are up to, Uriah. It’s also great to know that the what you are learning in class has a direct application to what you are doing as part of your internship. Keep up the good work, enjoy the holiday, and look forward to seeing you in 2014!


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