Back in the parks!

 Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great month of September at their sites and parks. Not many of you may know this but for those of you who do not; I started my freshman year of college this year and while I have been attending school I have also been able to still intern for branching out. Last Friday was my first day of my fall internship. I spent half of my day working at Olmsted with my coordinator Michelle caring for the Hemlock tree in the circle driveway, located in the front of the property. In the circle bed around the Hemlock, we weeded a ton of gout weed and other weeds that did not belong in the area. After that we rake the edges to remove any weeds going up in the path that could potentially get bigger. For the second half of my day I spent it working in the Longfellow garden with one of the SCA interns that work with us names Alex. The Longfellow garden is looking really good with the new chrysanthemums that were just purchased for the fall season. In the end of the spring I had potted up single stem hollyhocks so the first thing I did was transfer them out the pots into the ground because they were starting to get really big. We plated about 26 new single stem hollyhocks that I had grown from seed this spring. After we watered the new hollyhocks that we planted we continued watering the rest of the garden. Including the potted plants on the property. Here is a little of what is going on during my fall internship, thanks for reading and stay tuned for some fall color really soon :). 

3 responses to “Back in the parks!

  1. No problem Celena, My classes are going very well by the way and actually my General Bio class does. It surprised me at first but when my professor started talking about plant structure and how the water flows all I could think about was how Mona had explained this to me earlier during the summer internship.


  2. Uriah – So nice to get a Branching Out post and glad to hear you are keeping busy at Olmsted and Longfellow National Historic Sites. I’m eager to hear how your classes are going and what you are learning about in school. Does any of your course work related to your internship field experience?


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