hosting the field team at Adams

This week, the field team of branching out was assissting us in our daily rounte of work. It was great to see the field team again since I had a good time with them on the ROVA trip. Lately, they have been working on trimming the wall full of virginia creeper and grape vine. Plus, we were albe to transplant the Iris’ in the garden. They have gotten able to know most of the people we work with including Bob, Matt, Kevin and Chris. We showed the field team how to aerate the front field with aerater mowers. I wasn’t used to using something like this before since I used to aerate with an air compresser which uses air to make holes in the ground. But this way was more effective and less dirty. The people from SCIP visited Adams to see all about the park and what branching out does for work. I was able to present to them my independent project and how my progress as been since I came here. I believe that they know their way around the park if we let them off on their own and know what tools they need to complete tasks. In my opinion, I think that they enjoy working here with Jayla and myself. Maybe not the best project they have done all summer, but one that they will remember.







One response to “hosting the field team at Adams

  1. This young man is so knowledgeable about the site. It’s gratifying that the next generstion shows such an interest and commitment to this historic site.


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