My Future Career



Hi everyone,  I just want to tell you guys about my future career than I am perusing. The last couple of years I have been interested in horticulture and have been studying and working in fields that involve horticulture or are focused on horticulture to some extent. So you can probably guess that I plan to end up working in the Hort field.  My internships the last two years have helped me choose a future career by me being paired with mentors and staff that have the same interest as me. So I’ve been workings hands on with a horticulturist and learning a lot of new things I didn’t learn my first year when I decided I was going to study there for my interest has stayed the same throughout my internships. I feel like every year I’ve learned a ton more than the year before so it’s really helped with me when it came to the decision of having a career in the horticulture field. This year I’ve learned what plants belong to which family and how plants in the same family could look so different were as last year I was learning to maintain plants that belong to all different families. I am starting college in the fall to help me learn more horticulture so that I could have a future career in this field. Hopefully from that point on I’ll be able to learn as much more. 

4 responses to “My Future Career

  1. I think you will also enjoy learning about garden design too. After all, who buys the plants the horticulturists grow and makes beautiful places by arranging the plants and garden furniture into a design in a garden? The garden designers and landscape architects! Oh, but I guess I am a little biased, being an estate gardener.


  2. Uriah – We hope one day you will be a horticulturist with the NPS! So glad your internships have helped support your future career goals. We are very fortunate to have you on our team.


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