Final outcome of project/final thoughts

During the past week, I have been working on my independent project which was a condition assessment for every tree in the orchard. I have calculated all of the data on each tree and found out there were some changes made within the last two years when it was last recorded. Some trees stayed the same and others had significant changes; such as the fact that most of the had their leaves eaten by frog-eyed leaf spot which is a disease that mainly affects the leaves of apple trees leaving spikey pots underneath them. Overall, I enjoyed working on this project and I also learned some new things about trees that my old school couldn’t provide. It would of been a hassle if I didn’t have Michelle to help me out when she visited my park. I was also able to witness a cicada hatch out of its shell (See picture below). The only problem to do now is change the data from the old sheets to the new sheets and make new pictures of each tree available. The only problem I’m having with the pictures is finding the correct picture to put for the certain tree. I should of done the recording by number than by tree. Each tree is also categorized by the place its located in the park, category tree it’s in, and by the number on its tag. This experience has been good for me due to the fact that I gained a little more knowledge on the environment and what it means to be a branching out youth member. What I might do next is try to focus on my college life and prepare for what’s in store for next summer. Maybe I’ll join branching out again or maybe I can try to join SCIP for a little more experience. Who knows; I will just go where the wind takes me and start my journey off from there.

DSC_0006I wish that I had a little more time at my park to finish everything before I go to school but something’s are better left undone.

3 responses to “Final outcome of project/final thoughts

  1. I was glad help you out with your independent project, Liam! You are a hard worker and very observant. I, too, learned a lot about trees and the condition of the orchard at Adams. A very interesting project and a good fit for your interests.


  2. Liam – So glad you have enjoyed working in the orchard, documenting the condition of the trees. I am curious to know what sort of information you learned about trees in the field that your school could not provide. Good work!


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