Future Career

After all of the work experience, activities, projects, trips, and conversations as a park-based intern, I can definitely say my interests have been steered in a particular direction. Working in a formal garden has, at times, allowed me to express myself creatively and enjoy the creativity nature expresses around me. I have gotten to physically shape the environment around me. Through this I have begun to realize how much work and planning and creativity it really takes to turn a landscape into a functioning work of art- taking into account the plants, animals, people, and environment around you. This makes me further interested in the career of landscape architecture.

To begin further exploration into the career of landscape architecture I plan to speak with and shadow individuals with positions in the career. As with any career choice, I need to get a better understanding and more experience. To do so I plan to take relative classes, look for landscape architecture internships (or other relevant internships based on basic knowledge), and do personal research around the career; it’s qualifications, daily tasks, salary, etc.

I am excited to start my journey into the career of landscape architecture and see where it takes me.

4 responses to “Future Career

  1. Jayla – I am really excited to hear about your interest in the field of landscape architecture. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with learning about this possible career choice. I’m so glad that your internship sparked a new interest!


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