Future Career

My park-based internship has influenced my future Career.  My future career has stayed the same.  I have learned what it is like to work at one park and how you can get used to the daily schedule.  My career goal for the summer was what I have Been spending all summer doing. My main idea was to do my internship project on trail clearing but then it changed to A stair building project. I have a realy good blue print of the stairs But I realized that a project takes longer to plan than to acully do. It tuns out that the 106 compliants will take too long so now my project got switched to view sheds. Hope every one has a good last week.

2 responses to “Future Career

  1. This was a project MIMA had been looking into for awhile and you helped to get it started! Through this project it sounds like you learned a lot about about time management and the preparation/considerations that need to be made before creating trails and their uses.


  2. Zach – Planning is part of the process and please know that thinking you’ve put into this project will not be lost. The drawings that you created are important and will be used during the 106 compliance process.


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