Vista Clearing at Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area

This week we went to Peddocks Island where we participated in a project assisted by Jamie and Trent, two arborists well educated in tree ID and tree removal. They made this week easier because of their everyday optimistic attitudes along with their corky sense of humor. Also, we were fortunate enough to have the green ambassadors assistance in clearing some of the shrubs and we hope to one day collaborate with them on a project! Our project was to create a vista clearing so visitors, campers and owners of homes could have nice view of the ocean from high up in the hills. Overall, this project was a fun learning experience for me and the rest of the field team members. We learned two different techniques to cut down trees, along with the safety measures that was essential to use when trees are falling. We also had the chance to climb trees so that we can prune high branches that were  out of reach from the ground. The reason for pruning these high branches was to lift up the canopy so that people on top of hill will be able to have a nice view of the ocean.  Overall, tree climbing was an exhilarating experience for all of us. For clearing a view shed we removed a lot of shrubs off the hill side which was a pretty dangerous task but satisfying to see them disappear slowly but surely.

IMG_0464 IMG_0475

          Although we did enjoy ourselves, there were many obstacles that made this project more difficult than it seemed to be. We fought with very steep incline hills, sharp thorns from multi-flowered roses, a tremendous amount of poison ivy and obnoxious blood thirsty mosquitos.  With this being said you may have assumed that this was the worst project yet but surprising enough, it wasn’t. There was so much to learn and grow from on this island that made it unique. Whether it was taking a boat everyday or being able to get that amazing view is what made this project different but at same time enjoyable. At the end of the week, we were able to clear out most of the shrubs and trees. We were able to open up an extraordinary view for people who may live on this island to people from different parts of the world.
IMG_0502 IMG_0472

2 responses to “Vista Clearing at Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area

  1. You all did an amazing job last week on Peddocks Island. I like Anna’s idea: getting some goats out there to help maintain the views and vistas!


  2. Terrific project! Did you recommend they get some goats for this slope now that you have cleared the view?


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