Path Restoration at Minuteman National Historical Park

Last week we went to Minuteman National Historical Park. We met up with Groundworks Somerville who helped us a lot with the work we had to do at this park. On the first day we went there, we had a presentation from Lisa about different pathways and a lot of information about bricks. We learned about different brick patterns and types of defects. For the rest of the week, we got to level out bricks on the pathway that needed to be leveled out. After we fixed the bricks on the pathway, we weeded out a lot of grass in between the joints of the bricks. We also did a 30 minute challenge to prove that more hands equals efficiency. Branching out and the Groundworks Somerville crew worked on the pathways together.
     After we finished weeding all the grass out of the joints, we worked together to sand the pathways. Some people spread the sand on the path, and some people brushed the sand into the joints. That’s how we used teamwork to get the task done. We finished the pathways on Thursday and we sprayed the pathways with water to let the sand set in. On the last day, we went to the visitor center to watch a 15-20 minute film about the history behind Minuteman National Historical Park. Overall, finishing this week’s project was fulfilling and it was nice to be able to work with Trent, Lisa, Bethany, and the Groundworks crew.

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