imageDuring my internship for branching out and working at Adams has influenced me into enter a new journey in my life. This has made me want to go into a career that focuses in conservation and landscape management. I feel that i have always wanted to do something like this my entire life and make a difference to others. I have gain lots of knowledge in ant materials and in some form of landscaping such as turf management, plant indentification, wildlife, greenhouse management, and forestry. I’m mostly interested in going into the park service like the internship i’m at right now or something similar in that nature in natural resources. The only I will gain my career is if I work hard and do the best at what I do. I know I can insoire those around me to do the same if I persuade them to follow their dreams and help them get to that stage in their life where they need to know what they plan to do with the rest of their lives. I will always be there to help others in completinng their goals and making everyone proud in what I do best for my country.

One response to “Futurecareer

  1. Liam – Glad that your internship has helped your better identify a career path. As you continue with your studies, it will be ideal for you to further explore job opportunities associated with the care and management of natural resources.


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