Halfway there…

Within the past weeks I have worked and helped out with many projects and tasks around the Adams house and the entire branching out experience. I have helped Matt and Jayla out in the garden mostly weeding, deadheading, mulching (composting), planting, and mowing the beds. I have also helped my coworker Chris out with some of the equipment that Adams owns. Mainly working on the heavy stuff that they barely use so they can drain the gas out of them. Recently I helped another coworker of mine, Bruce mow the orchard, put it into piles using the rightstand mower, and put the pales of hay into the truck to sent to the Quincy DPW. During the next couple of weeks I have left of this internship, I want to start to work on my independent project working in the orchard to analyze the trees there. I would also like to see the part of Adams that a former branching out member made for his independent project which was a built path. If there is anything I would change is to have more of my work time to work on my blogs instead of working on them at home. I know that I’ll be able to finish what I need to do before I’m done with this place for the summer and I hope to make the best of it unitl then. But until graduation happens, there is still a lot of work to be done and someone has to do it.

2 responses to “Halfway there…

  1. Thanks for all your really hard work, Liam. I hope you enjoy evaluating the historic orchard trees at Adam.


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