ROVA trip extravaganza

This week of the internship, all the field team members and park based interns went up to roosevelt vanderbilt national historical site. This is a national historical park that is based in hyde park, new york. This has been an amazing trip to a national park besides the one I alread work at. I learned a lot about the history of the vanderbilt mansion and the eleanor roosevelt park. The vanderbilts used this mansion for ge away trips in the spring and fall. They also had no children so when they died the inherited the house to their cousin to have. I also learned that eleanor roosevelt and FDR would stay in the house from time to time and when FDR died, eleanor spent most of her remaining years on the grounds. The great depression affected both sides of the mansions we visited and had a big impact on their lives. These parks are diffenet from the one I’m working at because they have a huge garden and have their own part of history that everyone can enjoy. The grounds are maintained by many workers who put their pride and joy to what they do; where as in my park, I have good people who finish their work in “stepping stones.” Both of the parks are similar because they have a key role in american history and have their own rose garden. The main projects that both teams are working on are the shrub rejuvenation and the path project. The reason why we’re making another pathnis because the pee stones they have aren’t accesible for anyone in wheelchairs or strollers. We are currently putting different stones on the path we’re making so it would be easier to use. The shrub rejuvenation is just removing diffent plants in a shrub that don’t need to be there. There have been mostly grape vine and honey suckle that we have been removing inside some rhododendrons and some burning bushes. If we remove these plants, it plants will have a better growth. This exeprience here in new york has been fun for everyone in branching out and I hope the fun can continue throughout the rest of the weeks we jave left.



2 responses to “ROVA trip extravaganza

  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip to New York so much. You really contributed so much to the experience this week, especially devoting a lot of time to the shrub work. You also gathered some many of the key points we learned about during the tours. Hope you are able to take some of the skills you gained at Vanderbilt Mansion NHS back to your host park.


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