A Pictures worth 1,000 Words


The World Is Ours !

Thinking about how I spend most of my time working for Branching out,  I thought I’d give you guys a little in sight on how I’m really seeing things. Most of you may not know this but during the start of July I’ve been working with two groups of teens working for the National Park Service. I have to say my experience during the last five weeks is definitely different from the first Ten weeks. Working with these two groups I’ve realized that both groups have a lot of the same goals even though there working in two totally different environments. I think it’s a huge advantage to be able to work with the future leaders and branching out and teach them about what I love and be able to help the identify the flower and trees and also the shrubs that surround them. It’s a magnificent feeling to be able to hear them reiterate it to the group the next day because the day before they had told me they all look the same. It’s honestly a benefit to be able to work with these groups everyday if not every day every week. Just being able to mentor them is exciting and very new to me. They have been teaching me a little more about them while helping complete the field work I wouldn’t be able to complete on my own. I’ve noticed that they definitely have an ambition that I admire. They have a lot of great goals. I know that the next five weeks I have working with branching out and with future leaders with definitely  have many exciting and new experiences for me that I will definitely value.

4 responses to “A Pictures worth 1,000 Words

  1. Uriah, thanks for sharing your knowledge, skill and experience with the youth who are just starting out in the Branching Out program and in summer positions at F.L. Olmsted, Longfellow and Kennedy National Historic Sites. Your enthusiasm and interest in park landscape stewardship contributes to your success as a mentor for them. Keep up the good work!


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