Derby Garden Rejuvenation at Salem Maritime Historical Site

The Project:

The Derby Garden was  created and planned out based on what a family of the 18 century would have had in their gardens. They assumed the type of garden the derby family liked and what plants they were mostly interested in so they created the garden based on plants we know of historically. The purpose of our project was to rejuvenate and maintain the garden to reflect the 18th century garden and make it accessible to the public.

What we learned :
The very first day, we learned about identifying plants, by identifying the differences between deciduous, perennial, and annual plants/trees and refreshing our memories about photosynthesis.  Throughout the week, we practiced ourselves when to water the plants, how to dead head the roses, plant seedlings, mulch, and weed. On the last day of work, the most precious experience we gained from this project was our teamwork. Without helping each other, this project would not have been successfully accomplished.
What could have changed:
If things could change, it would be better if the tasks were evenly distributed and everyone had something to do. We should also have better bug repellant because working in the garden with the bugs is horrifying. Their bites are deadly (exaggeration).
We are thankful that we had this experience and for the opportunity to be working at Salem  Maritime National Park ,especially, with Erica. She gave us her hospitality, warmth of welcome, and her knowledge about the garden. We are grateful for her hardwork and commitment to the garden. Without her, we would not have known what to do or  how to renew the historical garden at the Derby House. Thanks to all of the rangers from Salem Maritime for helping us when we needed help. Overall, we had a great time. Thank you for all the assistance and insight.

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