Tree Planting at Minute Man National Historical Park

In the morning, wemet up at the navy yard. At 7:15 we left OlmstedCenter to travel to Minute Man National Historical Park. We met up with Trent and Groundwork Sommerville we did an icebreaker and introduced ourselves. After getting familiar with each other, we found out that we had to dig dead trees out and plant in new ones. Estefany gave us the possible biologic explanations as to why the trees could have died. As we began digging out the trees had died due to improper planting.For the first half of the morning, we dug out the dead trees in pairs. However, some trees were difficult to remove due to the roots and the metal baskets in the ground. After we finished digging the dead trees out, we had to dig the hole in the grund deeper so that the root balls could fit in the ground. Trent taught us how to plant the trees whose root balls were wrapped in a burlap bag, it took 5 people to finish planting it in the ground. He also taught us how to plant the trees that were in the containers.
In order to plant the trees, we had to first find the root flare. Then took  tree out of the pot. After, we had to roll it into the hole in the ground. Then we had to make sure the tree was straight and if it wasn’t; even it out by adding the soil to the sides until it straightens out. When the tree is straight, we had to shovel soil in the hole until it was full. Even though it was super hot, we managed to finish planting.

2 responses to “Tree Planting at Minute Man National Historical Park

  1. Great work everyone! Sounds like a perfect combination of learning about and actually accomplishing tree planting. It will be interesting to follow the future growth and development of the trees you planted at the park.


  2. This is impressive work. It must of taken a lot of hours to complete this process; but at least it looks done.


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