Labeling the Gardening

When I first came to Adams many flowers had not bloomed yet. The garden was a lush green of budding stems and bushes. As gorgeous as it was it was hard to know or make out the different types of flowers we have here at Adams. I noticed that when tourists view the garden, many ask what flowers we have here. It was after the first few times this happened that I noticed the Adams formal garden is one of the first gardens I’ve been to that doesn’t have labels for viewers to know each plant and their backgrounds.

The Adams garden in the beginning of my internship

The Adams garden in the beginning of my internship

For my independent project I’ve chosen to make labels for the various flowers and plants that now call Adams home. There are many perennial flowers here and flowers that Liam and I have just planted (and seen bloom!) and it’d be nice for tourists and people viewing the garden to be able to identify what makes the Adams garden so beautiful. I feel a lot of time is spent identifying flowers to audiences and although we all love the break and the conversation it can bring, it can sometimes cut into our actual work. Label makers would help make the formal garden here at Adams a more efficient experience for everyone.

I chose this project not just because my mentor, Bob, thought it would help the park, but because I feel it would also help me with plant identification (one of my summer goals). Before even being able to make the labels I will need to first identify all of the flowers and plants we have and then research their backgrounds and variations among other things. Through this researching process I will be able to better understand how to identify plants, their scientific names, their variations, and their backgrounds.

3 responses to “Labeling the Gardening

  1. Sounds like a project that is going to help the park, address the curiousity of visitors, and further refine your plant identification skills. I look forward to seeing how you design and produce the labels.


  2. Creating the labels for the garden will also help you read/understand the map of the formal garden. A lot of new skills to learn and develop here. Sounds like a great project!


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