Independent Project at Adams

Within the weeks at Adams National Historical Park, I have had trouble looking for a park project. Finally, I have found what I’m looking for. During the next few weeks left of this internship, I’ll be analyzing the apple trees in the fields of the Adams house. I’ll be checking to see if all the trees are healthy and stable. I’ll be mainly checking if the root system is ok, if the trunk is looking good, check for any unwanted pests or diseases, if the branches are ok with nothing broken or any bad pruning cuts, how the canopy is (top of tree), and how the tree is doing overall. The only thing that I don’t want to see happen is a tree dead and having to remove it later. Each tree will be kept in a log book seeing how each tree is doing just by categorizing them. Since Bob does this on a daily basis, he will be helping me on the procedure and what needs to be done to inspect the trees. If I don’t understand how to do it, he will always be there to help me through the process. Four other people besides myself have done this project making me the fifth person to take on such responsibility. I hope I can do whatever I can to see that these trees meet up to my expectations and make it a good summer the rest of the week.

One response to “Independent Project at Adams

  1. This is a valuable project that helps document conditions associated with an importan park resource. You will also be building important skills in conducting condition assessments of trees. I look forward to learning about the results of your work.


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