new plant at adams

Within my few weeks at Adams National Historical Park, I have learned a few things about the hedge that is located in the garden. This hedge is called boxwood and is mostly used as an ornimental design in different types of landscape. If you ever want to find this plant, they can be found in all types of mansions and historical sites such as the one I’m working at. What I’ve learned about boxwood so far is that it was planted during the years that John Quincy Adams’ son lived there. He would do little inspections every morning to make sure nothing was completely wrong with the plant. He would also like to be the first one inside the garden because he wanted to take a walk in the morning. If he saw footprints in the garden before he was there, he would get mad. This is another reason why everyday Jayla and I have to rake the garden each day so it can be nice and fresh to walk on. This week bob is working on trimming the boxwood. One problem with trimming the hedge is that he uses electrical hedge trimmers. What’s wrong is that when using the machine, the fluids can land on the boxwood and cause a disease which can change the color or the plant. Once the plant changes color from green to brown, the part ofthe plant is dead and will have to be removed. I can understand why using an electrical hedge trimmer would be used for something like this. It would be easier and faster to do wihout the pain and stress. Using hedge “clippers” would take a little more time to do but your cuts would be more accurate. Last week, Bob, Matt, Kevin and Bruce finished half of the gardens boxwood within one day which is pretty impressive. I have also been doing my own work on this plant, trying to get rid of any part that seemed to be out of place, that way it would be easier to make the boxwood looking more natural than it did when it wasn’t trimmed. Working with this plant has taught me that you shouldn’t ignore the little things that stand out. If only there could be ways to finish with thw boxwood without putting a lot of stress to it; then it could be easier for us to look at its beauty.

3 responses to “new plant at adams

  1. Liam, glad you are able to care for such a significant and historic hedge. I really enjoyed learning about how the Adams family used to care for the garden.


  2. Love this post about the boxwoods! Very detailed. You don’t speak much in person but you’ve got a lot of knowledge in that head!


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