My Project

My project consisits of a trail that I have to make its safer to walk on. for example I have to make some sort of steps and railing for people who have trouble walking down stairs. I came about this trail a few weeks a go when Trent my mentore showed the trail to me because we where trying to figure out my project was going to be about. Once Trent showed me my path i grew to like it. and even go to show my felow feild team members the path. Now I am trying to figure out my plan for the meterals and when i am going to start building. the reason why I chose this project is because i like trail clearing and I have never benn able to make/desighn my own path before. I am going to learn about making paths/trails and this will help Minute Man National Historical Park because i am going to make the trail safer and easer to walk on. I am having a great summer so far.




Hope all the Branching Out staff/ NPS are having a good summer. Thank You

Zachary Wolff

3 responses to “My Project

  1. Glad you are so excited about your project. It will be a great way for visitors to access the Battle Road trail. After seeing the area last week, I can’t wait to experience the result of your hard work.


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