My Lovely Mentor


Ladies in the Garden – in this picture my mentor Mona and I were trimming the box wood.

Hummm….. Where do I start? Well most of you may know that Mona Mckindley is like a million books in one human brain. It still amazes me every day how much knowledge one person can hold. Working with Mona makes the saying you learn something new every day very true. What I truly love about Mona has definitely got to be her passion. She puts all her care into what she does. My mentor Mona Mckindly the Gardener for all three sites that we work together at. Her Background in in Earth Sciences.  She has been working with the park service for 26 years and started off as a Ranger. My mentor just recently graduated from Harvard with a 2ed Master’s Degree with a focus on history. I do not know if that’s impressing to any of you guys but to me that’s really impressing to me she managed to achieve a lot while being a full time Gardener. Mona’s hobbies including swimming and jogging. She recently just ran the 5K race at Mount Auburn Cemetery. Even though my mentor has already accomplished so much it does not stop there. Her next goal is to become a garden writer. She is going to make this her next Career. I hope to one day do have as much of what Mona has done or even to learn as much as her. I think working with her everyday this summer is definitely a head start. Thanks for reading my blog  hope you enjoyed !! 🙂 🙂 🙂


10 responses to “My Lovely Mentor

  1. I always felt that way when I was working with Mona too–always learning something fascinating about plants, the site, or life. I’m delighted you’re getting the chance to work with her!


    • She has so much great things to share! Working with her has been amazing. Thanks for checking out my blog jess! 🙂 🙂


  2. It is clear that you are learning a lot from Mona this summer, Uriah. I’m so glad she is able to share so much with and inspire you!


  3. Wow! She has accomplished a lot. Mona is soo interesting and intelligent, I hope you’re learning a lot and having a great time with her.


  4. Great post, Uriah! Mona is definitely a treasured resource at these three national historic sites, and I am so happy that you have been able to learn so much from her over the past few months. Keep soaking it all in!


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