Seed Sifting

This is a video of me Seed sifting Columbine seeds, from the Garden at Longfellow. The purpose of this tool is to separate the seeds from other parts of the flower. its a pretty easy task it just takes a while to get used to. this tool will help us to save seeds for next year and be able to start over in the spring. it will help my park to save money in the future.

4 responses to “Seed Sifting

  1. Uriah – It’s always good to see you at work in the park looking after landscape resources today and with seed sifting, thinking about the future of the garden. I watched the video and especially like the sound of the sifting. Do you need a different size sifter for different plants? How big are the Columbine seeds?


    • Here at Longfellow we only have one for all sizes because we don’t collect that many seeds. The Columbine seeds are really small they look like poppy seeds.


    • Thanks Liam, It was pretty cool. If you let me know what some of your interest are maybe I can help you think of a project.


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