Park mentor and friends

During the past week, I have worked at Adams National Historical Park with Jayla Tucker. Together, we have done a lot of pruning, weeding, mulching (composting), and planting around the garden. We have a park mentor that shows us around and how to do things; his name is Bob Mackenzie. His main goal is to make everything at our workplace looks wonderful for the people who visit at the Adams house. He is also a good person who has a lot of knowledge in his line of work. We also have a cool guy named Matt. He’s the type of guy who looks like he jumped out of an airplane ready to get to work. He is a funny guy who encourages us to work together and also encourages us to make fun of him when he isn’t around. We also have some volunteers who also work at Adams. First, we have Josh who works at the desk most of the day trying to make conversation with everyone. It’s as if you saw Seth MacFarlene and thought he took a desk job. Then, we have Russell who works around the grounds and the first person you find in the kitchen. Next, there is Chris and Bruce who work in the shop most of the day and people who know how to have a good time. There is also the tour guides of the Adam house. I haven’t really met them in person, but I hope to get to know them one day. Finally, there is Kevin. He is the big man at the park or as some would like to say, Bobs boss. Each person has their role that they have to do to make the park looking nice for all the tourists that come by everyday. They answer questions from these people and try to come up with the best answer possible. Working with these guys are great and the next eight weeks will make it last.

One response to “Park mentor and friends

  1. Glad you are enjoying your time at Adams NHP so far, Liam. You’ve already met so many people and I hope you continue to learn a lot from all of them.


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