Bob Mackenzie and the Adams staff

Hello again!

This week I’m going to introduce you all to my mentor, Bob Mackenzie and the rest of the Adams Park staff. I’ve had a lot of fun and learned/refreshed many things in this short span of time. I feel very grateful to be working alongside such knowledgeable, funny individuals.

The Adams Family (*snap snap*)

Bob, my mentor!


He’s out sick today! 😦

Bob Mackenzie is the head gardener here at Adams. He’s been working here for many many years and knows a lot about a lot. The best thing about him is that he will not hesitate to share his knowledge and wisdom. 😛 His stories make the work day so much more interesting and his jokes and puns make the day go by so much faster. But don’t confuse his spiels for nonsense; there is always something to be learned from what he says and at the end of it all you will have learned something new (either about himself or gardening). I am very excited to learn more things from him at my time here at Adams.


Haha, caught him off guard! >:)

Haha, caught him off guard! >:)

I have worked very closely with Matt in the garden this past week and have scrambled to keep up with him. His work ethic is admirable, just watching him work pushes me to work harder and “smarter”. He’s a real funny guy with tons of sass and experience. I can tell he takes pride in his work and that pushes me to do the same.


I told him to act natural ha!

I told him to act natural ha!

Anyone at Adams will tell you Kevin is “the boss” around here. But I think that title makes him seem so much more threatening than he is. Kevin’s such a nice guy! I don’t get to see much of him but when I do it’s always positivity from him.


He cleaned his desk to have the best pic XD

He cleaned his desk to have the best pic XD

Josh is the FM/SS here at Adams. He’s the guy with the cool glasses who sometimes stumbles out of his office to crack corny jokes or ask you about yourself (I think he does it to stretch a bit!). His main work is paperwork and organizing, but his personality is anything but dull. There are things that shocked me about him, like his kindness, or the fact that he was in the Air Force. I also found out he majored in Sociology like I am! He’s a very interesting guy and I hope to get to know more about him this summer.

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11 responses to “Bob Mackenzie and the Adams staff

  1. Your words capture the atmosphere and attitude of the ADAM crew perfectly. Glad you are enjoying your experience so far, and welcome to the family!


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