My Mentor

My Mentor’s name is Trent Martinez. Trent’s role at the park is ground supervisor,  but his main job is an arborist here at The Minute Man National Historical Park. Trent grew up in Seattle Washington on the west coast and has a pretty good background in out door supervision and he was a supervisor for the branching out field team. He has worked at the National Park Service since November, 2012.      Scott and Sean are two brothers who work with us. Some other people who work at Minuteman are John, Walter and Gerry.  I have had a great first couple of weeks working with this diverse group of people.  There are volunteers who are planning on working with us sometime over the summer.  The group is Ground Works Somerville.  They will focus on removing knot weed  that is a very invasive weed.  Over all I am very excited  for this summer and what it has in store for me and my fellow colleagues and getting to know them well.

Hope every one is having a good one so far,

Zachary Wolff

4 responses to “My Mentor

  1. Glad you are enjoying your work with Trent and others at the park. I look forward to hearing about your collaboration with Groundwork at MIMA.


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