Orientation Day


Good morning everyone yesterday was the first day of my park based internship orientation with all the new interns of Branching Out. During our Orientation I feel like I learned a lot about the new interns and my coordinator. The conversations we had and the activities we played gave everyone a chance to open up and share things about the self, which you wouldn’t have known by just looking at them.The activity that we played that I felt was the most informative or at least was my favorite was the life map. Although everyone’s life map was draw in a different shape of some form it still gave the group a good understanding of where everyone started , whole they have learned to value throughout thee life, what challenges some of us faced or are currently facing but also where plan to end up even if it’s only college in a few months or if its where we plan to be when were 25 years old. Even though a lot of us have the same interest in some aspect it’s really interesting to see how different we are as people, while still having a similar concept on what we respect or will like to end up. It’s all really connected and now so are we.


Image My life map


The other interns and I

3 responses to “Orientation

  1. Your not alone anymore, Uriah! Glad you are enjoying the orientation with the other interns this week. I hope that the next ten weeks of your internship are as rewarding as the first ten. You have many insights and experiences to share with the group; so glad you are with us!


  2. I really like the Life Map idea and wish I was there to listen to what you shared. Maybe you can share it with me sometime. It is hard to believe that more than 10 weeks have gone by since you first started your internship this year Uriah! Based on your blogging, it looks as though you have been having some really interesting experiences. I’m looking forward to your future posts.


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