Hello one and all and welcome to my blog!

I am a Park-Based Intern placed at Adams National Historical Park. Let me take a little time to tell you a little about myself, my experience, and my anticipations for my time here as a Park-Based Intern for the National Park Service.

Who I Am

First day - Explaining my life map

First day – Explaining my life map

If you didn’t know already, my name is Jayla Tucker. I wil be turning 21 in August. I live in Charlestown, as an independent student and independent individual living on my own and currently attending Bunker Hill Community College for their transfer program. Right now my major is sociology however, being a college student, that is subject to change at any time and any point in my search for self.

Growing up in the inner city I have a deeply rooted passion for community organizing and social justice activism. However, I have always been an artistic person, wanting to express myself creatively through everything I do. I love to play in the dirt, gaze at the stars, and partake in the wonders nature has to offer. Whatever career I eventually choose to go into, I only hope it allows me to combine any and all of the above.

Past, Present, and Future

My park placement - It's gorgeous!

My park placement – It’s gorgeous!

In my last year of High School I had the pleasure of participating in the first year of the Rose Kennedy Greenway’s “Green and Grow” program. It was here I first gained not only horticulture skills and experience, but education of greener practices, tree identification, and respect for our natural environment. Now, three years later I am excited to be able to build experiences and learn new things with the staff at Adams National Historical Park. I am most anxious to get a better grasp of plant identification, landscape maintenance, and landscape architecture. I can’t wait to see how I can use my knowledge, skills, passions, and experiences to help maintain the gorgeous greenery at this National Park.


Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Provin nature’s laws wrong it learned how to walk without havin feet.
Funny it seems but, by keepin its dreams
it, learned to breathe FRESH air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete. – Tupac Shakur


6 responses to “Namaste

  1. I really like this entire story about you. I applied for rose Kennedy greenway myself but never heard anything back from them. I hope working with you at Adams will be the best ten weeks ever.


  2. Welcome to Adams. It was great meeting you today, and having a chance to learn more about you through your blog. I hope that we can make your time at Adams a memorable stop along your life map.


  3. I hope I have the opportunity to take a look at your life map. So many possibilities in your future, Jayla. Hopefully, your internship experience with Branching Out will enable you to discover a career path that aligns with your interests and passion. Look forward to working with you this summer!


  4. Jayla, great to meet you and welcome to the Branching Out team! Adams National Historical Park is going to be a great place for you to build on your prior experiences with the Green and Grow program. I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your experiences and what you learn this summer…keep posting!


  5. OMG, first i really like your picture with your life map. I have to say I am glad that you joined the branching out team because I’ve seen alot of what you accomplished at the Greenway. Im glad we are going to be working togther. Your Quote is awsome and your going to really enjoy adams!!


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