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I have been atending Lyndon State College in Vermont and majoring in ski resort management. I have really liked atending lyndon state college.  At Lyndon the techers are very nice the classes are small and I love it there.  During my first year at Lyndon state college I did a lot of volenteering at this local ski hill called The Lyndon Outing Club.  At the Lyndon Outing Club I did a lot of trail clearing and trail maintence.  At Lyndon State College there are multiple ski resorts in the area. The Ski area that I went to the most was Burke mountain witch is  only a tenn minute drive from Lyndon State. The other ski resort in the lyndon area is Jay peak and that is only thirtyfive minutes away from Lyndon and all these mountains are great for snowboarding because of all the snow that they get.

My career goals for this summer are: get better at plant idenification, get better at trail clearing, tree climing and have a positive atitude because it is never good to be negative because it brings the people down around you. The most recent experience working with landscape preservation was working with the Field Crew last year for Branching out. This summer for ten weeks I will be working at the Minute Man National Park in Concord, Massachusets. What I am most excited about is probably tail clearing. What I am least excited about is nothing I am very excited about my new job as an intern.

6 responses to “My self

  1. Welcome back,Zach! Glad you are part of the team again this year, but in a new role as a park-based intern. We are very fortunate to have you working at Minute Man NHP this summer; it is the first time we’ve placed an intern there. I’m sure you will enjoy caring for the park’s landscape resources and learning alongside your mentor.


  2. Zach, welcome back to Branching Out this summer! I am sure that you will have an outstanding experience at Minuteman National Historical Park. Looking forward to your future blog entries!


  3. I could help you with you plant ID if you would like, I cant wait to see how things go at Minute Man. I think that your really going to have a great timd there.


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