My life journey through my park

Hello! My name is Liam Fitzgerald. I am a park-based intern for the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation. This will be my first year working under the Branching Out program. This summer, I will be interning at that Adams National Historical Park to restore the beauty that is hidden in the national park.

A little about myself; I went to Norfolk County Agricultural High School and will be attending Mass. College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) in the fall. I enjoy music and the environment. I also enjoy watching movies and giving my personal views on them.

My goal when I graduate college is to try to set up a business of my own that focuses on environmental issues and landscape maintenance. My previous work with landscape preservation and maintenance included working for Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) as a youth worker. My main objective was to make the paths in the Allandale woods more easy to walk in since many of the walkways were damaged due to erosion. I did this work for two summers; the second year as a peer leader to new coming interns. During the end of my junior year of high school, I was given the opportunity to work at the Arnold Arboretum with a few of my classmates. While i was there, i was able to do maintenance work on Peter’s Hill and take acre of the native trees that make up for the entire field.
I am really excited about working at my job this summer and I hope that it will be the best ten weeks of my summer life. The only thing that could be least exciting about this experience is the weather. Whether it may be rain or scorching heat, this could be a problem when working outside. I will also be working with other people who will be at the Adams house. I believe that they will be nice people and teach me different things that I may not know about. If I have any goals for this summer, I hope to make new friends and have fun working with them. I just want to make this summer one of my highlights that I will remember throughout my life.


6 responses to “My life journey through my park

  1. Looking forward to having you at Adams this year. Your experience sounds like it will be helpful. We hope that by the end of your time here we will have added more experience(s) to your list.


  2. Welcome to the program, Liam! Your experience at Allandale Woods and the Arnolod Arboretum will be very helpful to you at Adams NHP. And I’m sure you will learn a lot from your park mentor. Look forward to working with you!


  3. experience and goals! Great having you as part of the Branching Out team this year. I look forward to following your experience through your blog posts and talking with you.


  4. Im glad you joined the team this year. We have a lot of the same interest but have worked for diffrent people. Hope you can teach me some new things this summer.


  5. You have a lot of experience! Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you while we’re at Adams ๐Ÿ™‚


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