Times flying, My first 10 weeks.


     This may be no surprise to you guys that the first ten weeks of my internship has been a very pleasant and educational experience. I definitely cannot believe that ten weeks has gone by so fast, however when I think about how much I have learned and the work that my team and I have accomplished you would probably think that I have been working with my team way longer than ten weeks. However I am very glad that have another ten weeks ahead of me because although I have achieved so much and learned a lot about the new landscapes I have been working in the beginning of my internship was kind of a blur, there was so much to learn about the three locations. Now that I have gotten a better understanding of the system of how these parks are maintained, I will be getting a chance to work on the ground alone. While being able to maintain these properties correctly from not only just being able to identify what is in the garden but also being able to tell how most of the flowering plants should be cared for, but even being able to care for a newly planted tree and even knowing how high to have the blade on a lawn mower should be to make the lawns look perfect. This is one really good benefit of being here longer because I feel like in the weeks to come I will be able to learn and probably teach a lot of what I have learned from Mona and Scott. Working with them has been great, they know how to get the work done efficiently while having fun doing it. They just keep the laughs coming. They both seem to always have an answer for my questions and I always have a ton of questions so that shows me that they really care and want to share with me what they know. I hope you guys enjoy reading about my ten weeks as I had interning for these locations. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blogs, there is plenty more to come. 🙂

8 responses to “Times flying, My first 10 weeks.

  1. I hope these ten weeks are the greatest for myself this year. If I could work as hard as you, I could make an interesting experience from branching out.


    • I believe your 10 weeks will be great, I did my first Internship at admas and it was really educational. Your going to love it Liam.


  2. Uriah,
    I am verry glad that you had a great first 10 weeks. I am also pleased that you have been learning so much. I am verry excited to start work in Concord.
    Thanks for making me excited,
    Zachary Wolff


  3. I just got caught up on all of your blogs, Uriah, and am so happy that this experience has been so beneficial for you. It certainly has been wonderful having you here at Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters NHS. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you!


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