My Independent Project

During, my internship this summer I’m going to be working on a independent project to present at the end of the summer. What is cool about my independent project is that it will be benefiting me as well as one of the major parks that I work at. For my independent project I have decided to update the Draft Maintenance  plan of 2007 of the Longfellow House George Washington Headquarters National Historic Site, by adding photos of the trees, shrubs etc. at their best. It will be updated to the year 2013. I will be picking 5 trees, 5 shrubs, 5 perennials 5 biannual and 5 annuals on the Longfellow property. This will consist of 30 pictures that I will be adding to the Maintenance plan for Longfellow. I am trying to get photos of the plants in bloom so that they will look better and be easier for gardens and grounds crews in the future. ill be keeping you guys updated on how its going, please feel free to ask questions if you have any 🙂

5 responses to “My Independent Project

  1. Excellent project. Maintenance plans such as the one you will be updating are one of the most important documents for guiding and achieving successful long-term stewardship of important landscapes such as the one at Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters NHS. Your work will be very helpful to the park and a great learning experience for you!


    • The only info that we will be researching will be if the color of the plant has changed over the years, because it was damaged or destroyed or just never grew back, so I will list what its been replaced with.


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