Return of the Elm

During my Third week as a Second year intern for the Branching out team I worked on a ton of preparation for the planting of the new Olmsted Elm at Fredrick Law Olmsted National historic park. While the work in order to prepare this tree was very particular I feel as if it was totally worth it I had no idea that so much work could be needed in order to plant a tree in an historic landscape. Being able to participate in the preparation and in the caring for the tree over the rest of the summer is definitely a privilege and I’m glad that I was chosen been chosen to take part in the memorable Elm tree planting.


Me holding the bare root Elm preparing for the evening planting at Olmsted National Historic Park.

 If you would like to see more info about this event, pictures etc please visit :

4 responses to “Return of the Elm

  1. I am so glad you were able to be part of the elm planting experience. It is remarkable to see a new elm tree in place, and to think that you will be able to return to the site in the future and say that you helped plant such a significant part of the Fairsted landscape. Congratulations!


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