Longfellow’s True Beauties

When I started at here at Longfellow there was nothing in bloom in the garden which had kind of shocked me but it really did not take long for the temps to rise, the sun to start shinning brighter and for the  buds to start popping. Here are some images and names of what plants have caught my eye since I have been working out in the garden.


Common name: Kwanzan Cherry
Botanical name: Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’
Location: To the left and right of the front entrance of the pergola


Common name: Koran Spice Viburnum
Botanical name: Viburnum Carlesii
Location: To the left and the right of the backwall/ seating area of the pergula


Common name: Triumph Tulip Demeter
Location: In various areas throughout the North bed


Common name: Old Fashion Crabapple
Botanical name: Malus Floribunda
Location: Straight behind the bench in the North bed

4 responses to “Longfellow’s True Beauties

  1. Thanks for identifying the plants – I’ve been meaning to learn more about plants in the Northeast, so maybe your blog posts can help me do that!


  2. The flowers look so beautiful! Please keep us up-to-date on other flowers and trees that will be blooming in the coming weeks. Such an exciting time of the year to be at Longfellow!


  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, Uriah. Makes me want to be in the garden with you today! Looks like you are working with Mona on plant identification, learning both the common and botanical names of plant species in the Longfellow garden. Enjoy!


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